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Pets: All They Need is Love

…to paraphrase the Beatles. This is a sentiment to keep in mind as you develop your veterinary practice marketing message. It’s easy to get caught-up in the procedures, medications, health regimens, and health products of a medical service like veterinary. … Continued

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51% Give, 49% Get

If you had a solution for anxious dogs that had nothing to do with your veterinary services – you couldn’t sell it directly – would you tell your clients about it?  Would you offer something for free that takes away … Continued

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Venturing Into New Veterinary Services

Same old, same old. A knee-jerk response we all use when we’re asked “what’s new?”, and nothing is.  Rather an unfortunate way to start a conversation. Perhaps you’re sick of that conversation starter when people ask about your veterinary services. … Continued

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Take Your Dog to Work Day & Check-up Day

Great marketing likes to find places nobody’s gone yet.  Open waters. People take their dogs to work to feel the happy well-being dogs project.  They can really buoy a drab office. The dogs are happy too.  They lie around, generally … Continued

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The Mirror Always Lies

Every morning, you look in the mirror.  You inspect your hair, face, teeth, and imagine how you look to others. If you’re in an elevator or department store, you’ll look at yourself again.  If you like what you see, you’ll … Continued

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Know Your Competitive Edge

How are you getting ahead of your veterinary competition? You may not think of yourself in a cutthroat environment – nor do you have to.  It’s not March Madness or MMA fighting.  You’re not trying to crush your competition. But … Continued

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The Power of Dog Walking

Walk Me! – Kizoa Movie – Video – Slideshow Maker Here’s a little advice that could change the world:  walk your dog everyday. One thing you have to love about dogs is their simplified perception of things.  As you stress … Continued

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